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A Cycle of Steroids for The Rich

A Cycle of Steroids for The Rich

Fitness grows and develops. In the capital every day, a growing number of fitness rooms that offer steroids for the rich and other services. Not cheap rooms and halls where annual subscriber will cost you almost 2 thousand dollars, you will agree to overcome this amount the strength is not all people belong to the so-called middle class, what to speak of ordinary mortals. It is not difficult to guess the building of such rooms where steroids are sold for the rich, for the wealthiest and influential of this world, those who used to be called “bourgeois” or if you want “new Russian”. The essence is not in how we call the most affluent stratum of our society, and that recently, even they thought about the health and beauty of the body.

The article is actually aimed at this target audience and will talk about the steroids for the rich. And not to notice such facilitate the process of building a new body phenomena, such as pharmacology, they could not. Another thing is that most of the wealthy elite simply does not need to be pumped at the level of a Pro, quite good results are considered to be the volume of 40-45 cm on biceps and about 150 kg in the bench press. Plus – in an ardent struggle for the health of your body, not everyone dare to use drugs. Offer a little time to think what steroids are and how to achieve their goals must take the rich and famous of this world.

1 – Because of problems with the issue of money from the people who belong to this group, does not occur, and the diet of pharmacological agents (steroids for the rich), these people should be drawn only from the top drugs and medications, the most famous and established in the market companies such as Organon, Schering, Genesis and other companies that produce steroids for the rich. Yes it is more expensive for the simple inhabitant, but, as a rule, a person riding on Kaen, there are always extra thousand rubles for more brendasue a pill or a shot. Yes, and not solid as-that to come out in Slippers, if you know what I mean.

2 – the Second important issue is the correctness of the individual course of steroids for the rich, i.e. the rate should be, so that at minimal doses and risks to maximum possible effect. Good to find a product for yourself, you will not be difficult if you are reading this article that means that you found us. In the first week of the course of steroids you will feel significant strength gains and the muscle will feel and maybe even see. If this did not happen on the second or third week, immediately change the drug or the know, because what you accept, not having you should effects.

3 – Course steroids should be relatively small. On average 6-8 weeks. Such term rate AAC, avoids the risk of symptoms side effects and achieve the best possible results, without fear of losing gained weight or strength.

4 – do Not take androgens in the first course of steroids, there are more at first athletic life. Of course, fear has big eyes, and all that you have read or heard about the side effects, for example, testosterone at best exaggerated though, but still not cool, but side effects of androgens is not enough, and therefore not worth the risk. As a rule, people of this group, very rich, already at the first zit can raise such havoc that not seem a little. Therefore, despite the fact that the majority of androgen is high-quality and effective drugs, it is not necessary to include them in a course of steroids for “new Russian”.

5 – the Only medicine which can complement the course as for the bourgeoisie, is GH (growth hormone), as this drug has required us balance of usefulness and harmfulness. Ie results when you use of course of steroids will be apparent and the consequences are at worst minimal. It will be enough 5-7IU daily for 10-12 weeks. The inclusion of GRAMS in the course of steroids is an individual matter and depends on many criteria.

6 – My personal opinion and recommendation – before starting the course as before will be to implement the application of course of steroids, think about getting rid of excess fats, in order to recruited muscle mass was dry. Recipe fat burning simple diet with limited intake of carbohydrates, plus frequent aerobics and a good fat burner. The role will suit a fat burner, clenbuterol, but the tremor didn't stop Kaen) include in the course clenbuterol ketotifen, are sold freely in pharmacies.

And last set the course for the bourgeoisie in any case should not be included, such as drugs, insulin, thyroid hormones(TK), because these drugs are more suited for the pros.

And now some specifics about the application course of steroids. I decided to make a kind of the top six. Meet six of the best drugs for the bourgeoisie:

1. The Oxandrolone. This drug on the course of steroids has long and firmly established itself as the best on safety of steroid on the market. Dose 20-60mg per day. The product provides good and quality increase strength, without the risk of manifestations of side effects.

2. Winstrol Dеpоt (Desma, Spain). Good old friend of Winstrol. Ensure lean muscle mass and increase strength, without the accumulation of water in the body. The average dose to be 50mg(1 ampoule) in 1-2 days.

3. Masteron (drostanolone), as a course of steroids. Drostanolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. So not aromatizers, regardless of the dosages and still works as a blocker aromatase! As a result, its use does not lead to the effect of increasing the level of estrogen. That does not cause side effects and combined the high efficiency of the drug makes it very popular. The average dosage is 100 mg every 2 days.

4. Primobolan from SEGD included in the course of taking the steroids. The best option for people working on the relief of muscle mass. Least side effects, rather, they are quite gone. In General, excellent preparation. The average dosage is 100-300mg per week.

5. Оrаbоlin from Adpop included in the course of taking the steroids. The drug is very popular among those who care about health. The active substance ethylestrenol alkalarian not for 17-alpha, so it has a low toxicity to the liver.The downside of the drug is not very convenient packaging – tablets 2 mg. Why awkward?! The fact that the average dose to be 20 mg per day. Great results from him should not wait, but it is included in the course of the steroids are harmless.

6. Turinabol. As a joke some pitching: “Turik is a glamorous methane”). Gives a gain of quality mass and strength. Side effects are observed very rarely and usually depend on the dosage or individual characteristics. The only is the burden on the liver. After a course of karsil. The average dosage of 20-60mg per day.

And finally, for those for whom the above drugs do not seem strong enough and they think that this course of steroids will be weak. Submitted Dеса-durаbоlin from Adpop or Nandrolone Decanoate from Norma Hellas. A kind of heavy artillery for fitness. Will provide significant gain of strength and muscle, with a small accumulation of water. At dosages of 200 to 400 mg a week on a course of steroids is almost no side effects.

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