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How to Inject Steroids

How to Inject Steroids

There are a few things you need to know, starting to inject anabolic steroids. Most importantly – always remember that you need to be clean and hygiene. Always use a new sealed syringes. Never use old syringes and, especially, strangers. Rules injections simple, but wow you need to follow constantly. Make sure the injection site is clean and is properly selected (cheat. “where to inject steroids”). Get a new syringe from the package, put the needle and make sure it is firmly attached to the syringe. According to the rules of the injection, wipe the top of the bottle (if you use a steroid in the bottle) with a piece of cloth soaked in alcohol to make sure that he is sterile. Take off needle protective case, insert the needle in the vial, turn it upside down and fill the syringe with the desired amount of fluid plus a little more. Now, as rules say injection, knock your finger on the syringe to collect all bubbles at the top of the syringe into one, then enter the additional part of the fluid taken over, back into the vial and the air will go along with it. With another soaked alcohol cloth wipe the place was done intramuscularly injection.

Try not to what not to touch with a needle, as this may stain the needle and lead to serious problems with infection. If the needles will leak a little liquid, do not touch or wipe it, because it will help lubricate the injection site. Now, holding the syringe like a dart, at an angle of 90 degrees insert the needle deep into the muscle. Then pull back on the trigger – if the syringe enters the blood, it means you caught a blood vessel and you should remove the needle and try again. If there is no blood, making, for example, injections of insulin slowly (to avoid pain) pull on the needle until all the liquid is in the muscle. Finally, quickly take out the needle and massage the injection site another sterile cloth (this will reduce bleeding and eliminate discomfort in the following days). Put the protective sheath on the needle, for example, after injections of insulin, and remove it from the syringe. Try not to enter in the same place more than 2 ml and more than 2 times a week. Remember: never use a syringe and needle again.

Where to inject steroids?

Anabolic steroids, both oil and water based need to be injected intramuscularly (deep into muscle tissue). The most typical locations for in\m injection is the buttocks, outer thigh and Delta. These muscles are most commonly used because of their thickness. They contain larger amount of fibers and extensive fascia. The fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles. In this regard, the injected steroid has a large surface absorption.

During intramuscularly injections and other injections of steroid, the goal is to insert the needle as deep as possible and not to hurt any nerve or blood vessel. Best place for injection, it gluteus Medius, located in the upper outer part of the buttocks (see photo). It is preferred because of its thickness and the presence of a small number of nerves. When injected in this muscle is very low, the probability of hitting the vessel, or the sciatic nerve, which passes through the lower and middle part of the buttocks. If it hurt, you will feel severe pain and may be temporarily paralyzed.

Steroid injections, which syringe to take?

Choosing the right syringe is very important. Primarily for steroid injections, you'll need a syringe with desired volume. Liquid measured in cubic millimeters. Second, you need a needle, a deep part of the muscle for optimal absorption, of sufficient diameter to pass the oil, but not too wide to avoid injury. There are many different types of syringes for injection of steroids: some longer, some thicker. Most bodybuilders prefer 2-3ml syringes. If you are not sure which syringe to choose, – consult the pharmacist.

The basic rules of injection:

Determine in advance what you're going to inject, how much, what needle and where are you going to do steroid injections (in the buttocks or thigh).
Be sure to check the expiration date of drugs.
Gather together everything you will need for injection drugs, needles, syringes, alcohol, cotton swabs, etc.
Wash your hands with soap and water and a place where you're going to do steroid injections, injections, soap completely wash away.
If the drug is prepackaged in a sealed vial, remove the protective cap and wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. If the drug in the vial, take a thin nail file and gently, in a circular motion, make a sign around the neck. Then movement from yourself break off the neck of the ampoule. At the same time, in order not to injure hands, the ampoule can optionally wrap with a napkin.
The syringe and needle, if you decided to inject the injectable steroids needs to be new or properly sterilized. If you use the drug in the vial, pull the plunger of the syringe at a volume equal to the volume of drug you will use, insert the needle into the vial through the rubber cap and press the plunger, releasing the air into the vial. Reaching the end, turn the vial upside down and slowly pull the plunger, drawing the drug into the syringe to the desired amount. Then remove the needle from the vial. If you use the drug in the vial, insert the needle into the open ampule and bring the drug into the syringe to the desired amount, then take the needle out from the vial.
Turning the needle upwards, tap the syringe walls to get rid of air bubbles, which could remain on the inner walls of the cylinder. In some cases, if you use an oil solution, it may take ten minutes. The oil solution is you need to hold in the hand, that he warmed up and became more liquid. When all the bubbles rise to the needle, gently pull the plunger, so that the drug began to come out of the needle. Wipe the injection site with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
Holding syringe for injection of steroids, like a pencil, insert the needle into the injection site in one swift push. Insert the needle three-quarters of a length, no further; if the needle is broken off, it will be very difficult to pull.
Correctly by entering the needle, pull the plunger a little. If the syringe easily enters the blood, it means you hit a blood vessel and need to change the injection site. If there is no blood, where was injected with steroids, pull the plunger, injecting the drug. Writing speed – about 15 seconds on the CC slowly and carefully.
When the drug is put, quickly pull the needle. A cotton swab moistened with alcohol, wipe and massage the injection site. It may be a little bleeding, don't be alarmed, this is normal.
On the site of the injection, where to inject steroids is no longer necessary, you can put an antibiotic on the pad and secure with tape. All the waste left over from treatments discarded.

It is, perhaps all the basic and private boards. Injectable steroids are not as difficult to use, but certainly effective. If you screw it up when they were introduced, then the problems will not be gathered. Not to mention a waste of good drugs. Gently approach the issue and then there will be nothing to fear.